CHEERS!Hello! My name is Bill Becker, owner and operator of I have been an avid and dedicated home brewer for over 10 years and love to compete in competitions. Home brewing is a great hobby and home brew competitions are a fantastic way to compete, perfect recipes, meet great people, and win a few prizes along the way.

I started in 2016 because I wanted to create a site that would aid in the identification and promotion of home brewing competitions worldwide. My mission is to keep the site clean, relevant, and free for home brewers and organizers. At competitors can easily locate upcoming competitions while home brew competition organizers can promote their events.

Some of the main features of include site cleanliness and ease of use. Our competition lists are organized sequentially by the judging dates of each competition. At the top of each list you will find “sort options”, expanding this will allow you to easily narrow your search by country, location, competition features, and by competition size. Each competition listed will include the competition date, registration deadline, entry fee, competition summary, contact information, and a link to the competition website to register.

Adding a home brewing competition is easy for organizers. Simply select “Add Competition” and complete the form. All of the competition details will then be reviewed and published. Adding your home brew competitions is free of charge!

Also, at the bottom of all our pages is a Competition Newsletter registration form which will allow you to sign up to receive updates on newly added competitions along with some great home brewing articles. Your email is private and we do not spam, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Stop back often as we are working on adding quite a few new features to the site.

Please use the contact form to get in touch if you have any comments or questions, I welcome the feedback.

Thanks for stopping by.